About Us

Phi Delta Theta has been around since 1848, and has had a presence in Toronto since the early 1900s. Ontario Delta was started in the late 1980s and has typically been the dominant fraternity on campus since its inception. There have been three other fraternities which have attempted to maintain a presence on campus to little or no avail. This has promoted the idea that the principles and leadership cultivated in Phi Delta Theta as a whole, and especially at Ontario Delta, have persevering effects. Unlike other fraternities Ontario Delta is not a place to practice or develop vices, but to strive after the principles of brotherhood, life-long learning, and moral rectitude.

Ontario Delta is the York University chapter of Phi Delta Theta (ΦΔΘ). While we maintain no official ties or recognition with York University, we are a chapter composed primarily of York University undergraduate students, though graduate students are welcome to pledge. Ontario Delta enjoys its autonomy from York University as it is a self-governing organization that is only influenced by the centralized body of Phi Delta Theta, and its own members. This autonomy allows Ontario Delta to be an exclusive organization that is unhindered by the radical political and social values sometimes held by the university and its student groups, and to pledge individuals who are of upstanding character.

Furthermore, because Ontario Delta receives no official recognition from York University, it is financially independent. This independence is the result of an alumni base which is largely composed of lawyers, MBAs, CEOs and business executives. Ontario Delta seeks out individuals who strive to become the greatest versions of themselves, and only produces quality. This is more than a network or social club, Ontario Delta is a brotherhood which cultivates talent and allows your skills to flourish.